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04/09/14 2:00pm







Beaverton, OR








Cedar Mill Park

Project includes but is not limited to: Improvements to Cedar Mill Park: Site preparation, earthwork, installation of: Temporary erosion control, paving, soft trails, walls, fencing, field drainage system, utilities, playing fields, play areas and play equipment, site furnishings, irrigation and planting/seeding.

DeductivevAlternate #01 - Boardwalk.

Deductive Alternate #02 - Smarte Bag System


#1 4/5/2014

04/15/14 2:00pm Beaverton, OR

Fanno CreekService Center

Project includes but not limited to: Interior improvements, including limited demolition, construction of new interior walls, ceilings, and fixtures; modifications of existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, and new interior finishes throughout office areas.

Alternate No. 1 - Operable Partition System


#1 4/7/2014


Plans are available through various plan centers and our FTP site.
To access plans from our FTP, contact nathanlacquaye@seabold.net or call our office 503-626-8060 for user names and passwords.


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