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Tess O'Brien
Portland, Oregon








Two (2) New 6-story, approx. 70 ft tall residential apartment bjuildings with an exterior courtyard. Total of 123 apt. units and a total area of approx. 66,500 gsf. The ground floor consists of approx. 10,000 gsf of common use and apts. and floors 2 thru 6 consists of approx. 65,500 gsf of residential use. The site improvements will include pedestrian right-of-way improvements and a courtyard for the resident's use. The ground floor will consist of Type I-A, fire-resistive construction, and floors 2 thru 6 will consist of Type III-B, wood frame construction.

Plans are available through various plan centers and our FTP site.
To access plans from our FTP, contact nathanlacquaye@seabold.net or call our office 503-626-8060 for user names and passwords.


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